learning basic economics and finance





 This  e-learning course  

-gives access to the world of finance   

-explains how banks and markets operate

-shows how to negotiate successfully with banks

-helps following up daily news



As it is the case in many other areas, a learning method is necessary in order to memorize efficiently. A logical progression is the key leading to success.


The   # 1.jpg  e-learning method allows quick progress.


Tangible results appear after just a couple of weeks only. For instance, as it is focusing on the basic notions,  this method allows to  start "reading" daily news after just a few lessons: a very motivating element!




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PRICE:  149,90€   





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Fabien C... student I want to thank you for the quality of this e-learning package. As a student in Business Administration, I needed to strenghten my understanding of finance mechanisms. What I apprecitated most was the clarity of explanations. For those who like me had many questions regarding this matter, the 100€ I spent were worth it. 

Patrick L... startup founder  I was recommanded this e-learning course by a friend of mine. What I learned in a couple of weeks opened my eyes on how banks and potential investors should be dealt with.
Michel S... cadre expatrié ce cours m'a vraiment aidé dans mon job. Je comprends mieux les interventions de mes collègues financiers dans les réunions de direction.
Oriane S... juriste en cabinet juridique  malgré la pression, j'ai trouvé le moyen de travailler le cours par petites doses. Je suis beaucoup plus à l'aise avec les banquiers. Surtout je n'hésite pas à poser des questions.
Jacques S... consulting group  A software engineer, I had more and more  to deal with banks. I needed to know more about their world. This course helped me tremendously to find a common language with them.
Patricia M... expatriated in Hong Kong  A  very useful update of notions I thought I knew well. Thank you for the numerous practical cases that allow a good understanding and memorization of finance concepts.
Nic L...cadre je trouve le cours d'une limpidité accessible à tous ceux qui comme moi avaient des bases très faibles.






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